About Us

The Story

Kulture Xchange was founded in 2020 with the intentions of furthering the exposure of black owned beauty and wellness products. Growing up in the beauty industry being a hairstylist and make up artist, we realized the need for more beauty products that are made to fit us and our clients. Many times we would have to “work with what we had” to try to complement our clients and our own hair textures and skin colors. We visited many local chain stores such as Walmart and Target or even our local hair stores and were surprisingly met with the task of having to shop for products with no insightful feedback from owners and employees because they had no experience in using these products for themselves.

Then we imagined how hard it must be for people of color with no beauty industry experience to find products that fit them. We knew that it was time for a change in beauty standards! So, we decided to create a shared space within the minority based beauty industry where the consumer and supplier can relate and respect one another equally. With hopes to spread black excellence to you all, we present Kulture Xchange.

The Mission

To further the growth of an underrepresented market, while also advocating for the circulation of the black dollar within its own community.

The Product

Kulture Xchange is an online bazaar that outsources minority-owned beauty/wellness products and services, promoting growth in a need-based market.

Kulture Kit is our monthly subscription box that features 4-6 minority owned products that we deliver right to their doorstep. The products included in Kulture Kit will aid our customers in their day to day lives and provide them with a broader self care experience

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